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Set amid dramatic hilltop is a unique farmsaty – The Highranges, Panchalimedu, which is a unique place to be in - far from the madding crowd. Just 1 km away from the national highway, this eco-friendly hideaway is calm, quiet and an ideal place to escape the stress of the modern world. While its location is certainly a huge plus as the only one in the heart of the hill, no neighbours!!

This land, where We have created this lovely cottage, is also home to a very interesting and accommodating flora and fauna and yes, We have deprived them of a bit of their territory and a lot of their privacy to create Highranges for you. We have taken great care not to disturb them. The insects and birds still dwell around. I have known them from the day I arrived here to create this dwelling. In fact, they are contributing their bit to make this place homely and welcoming. We have created custom designed handmade paper lampshades in the rooms and oil paintings on the walls have been painted by us.

There are rare wild birds with colourful plumage that sing sonorously, all around the farmhouse premises. Bird watchers can spend hours watching the winged surprises all around them. Malabar whistling Thrush, Gray and White-browned wagtail, Red whisked bulbul, Koel, Woodpecker, Parrots, Long Tailed Shrikes, Hornbills etc., are frequently sighted around Highranges. A great way to enjoy the landscape is to take a walk through the famed tea gardens of Peermedu or along the evergreen trees under the shade of which the cardamom is cultivated.

Rooms and Facilities

The breath taking landscape with lush and verdant surroundings with coffee,nutmeg,avacado,cardamom plantations provide an idyllic milieu for physical and spiritual rejuvenation. The timeless style incorporates classic art, antiques and pieces of history, the traditional design seeks to create calm, orderly spaces to match the furnishings and everything seems to just go together. The four independent theme-based rooms - Coco, Pepper, vanilla and nutmeg has attached bathroom, 24 hr running hot water.

In and around Peermadu

Long time ago, these tea plantation hills were covered with thick forests, nourished by the annual monsoons. A few tribal hamlets of Mala-pandaram and Mala-aryans were the only human inhibition. They were satisfied with the fresh food from the jungle and lived in primitive simplicity.

Panchalimedu is an ideal place for trekking, with fewer tourists. Panchalimedu means Hill of Panchali in Malayalam, named after Panchali the wife of Pandavas in Hindu legend. The lake, Panchalikulam, where Panchali is believed to have taken a bath is a good place to sit during the evenings.

Periyar Tiger Reserve, Thekkady is about 4 km from Kumily in Idukki district, central Kerala and is well connected by road from all the major towns of Kerala. An environmental hotspot, Periyar Sanctuary is noted for its geomorphology, diverse wildlife and beautiful landscape.

  • "over the cloud” - Panchalimedu meadows and grasslands
  • “Eagle rock” – Parundumpara view point
  • “wild calls” – Periyar tiger reserve, Thekkady
  • “Periyar Inheritance ” - Gavi Eco tourism center
  • “Tea Time” - Tea factory and Tea garden visit
  • “rest in peace” – CSI church Pallikunnu
  • “Scent of nature”- Pine forest of Kuttikkanam
  • "Peeru hills" – History of Peerumadu
  • “Looking Back in Time” King’s Summer Palace
  • “serene shower”- Valanjanganam Waterfall
  • “A Sufi Experience “ - Thangal Para, Kolahalamedu Vagamon